Pitch Session1-3 & 2 Start-ups from UK

Pitch Session1

Novel photoswitching system for optogenetic control of gene editing and expression
Kensho Hayamizu, CEO, miibio, Inc

A new hearing test for spectral-temporal resolution
Yoshitaka Nakajima, PhD, President, Sound Corporation

HOME HEALTHCARE BUSINESS for parents and children. We support child-rearing to use Family-friendly toothbrushing attachment
Mari Utano, Founder & CEO, Temari inc.

Safest, cheapest, and fastest way to develop regenerative medicine materials using plant biotechnology
Hiroko Sato, PhD, COO, Board Member, UniBio CORP.

Health monitoring system based on Sensing body temperature and vital signs for Heat stroke and Infection disease prevention
Sumitaka Maruyama, Chief Strategy Officer, Quantum Operation Inc.

"Never forget" New medicines protect your memory
Toru Kumagai, PhD, CEO, medilabo RFP Inc.

Novel Umbilical Cord Blood Components for Cell Culture, Spinal Cord Injury and other Clinical Indications
Wise Young, Professor, Chairman and Laboratory Director, Mononuclear Therapeutics

Bringing preventive health care to every home
Alex Winter,PhD, CEO and co-founder , Norbert Health

Pitch Session2

Cutting-edge separation technology accelerates the development of diagnostics tools and drugs
Yuki Inami, President, LinkBIO Co., Ltd.

World-first epileptic seizure prediction system
Kohei Hayashi, CEO, Quadlytics Inc.

A New Interactive Way of Providing Physical and MentalSupport for Pregnant Women
Prakhar Saxena, CTO, UMENOKI (now Famileaf)

Curing the Incurable" Approaching drug discovery from immunodiversity analysis
Eiichi Yamaguchi, PhD, Board of Director, President and COO, Repertoire Genesis Inc.

Prevention of bowel problems by plant-derived ingredient
Hidekazu Hiroaki, PhD, Professor, CKO, BeCellBar LLC.

Accelerate PDCA cycle for drug discovery with disease models
Shinichiro Takezawa, PhD, CEO, Setsurotech Inc.

An intelligent system for the prevention of elderly fracture
Marvin Ma, CEO, Boneʼs Technology Ltd.  

Innovative technology for tissue regeneration, Bio-Changing life
Ishay Attar, Founder & Chairman, BioChange

Pitch Session3

Innovative drug discovery targeting ion channels with the molecular evolution of disulfide-rich peptides
Kazunori Yoshikawa, Chief of Executive Officer, Veneno Technologies

Development of prediction method for effectiveness of molecular-targeted drug by the hyper-sensitive exosome quantification assay using their surface antigens
Hikaru Sonoda, President, Hakarel Inc.

Drug Development of Refractory Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Hiroshi Shinjo, MBA, CEO, Himuka AM Pharma. Corp.

Single-cell genomics for microbes~Innovating novel findings to industry utilization
Kimihiko Sato, Director and COO, bitBiome, Inc.

Comparison of highly difficult documents by machine learning
Kazuki Arita, Director, Business development department Manager, dbE Inc.

Helping people understand their health
Faddi Haddad, Head of Global Business Development, MEDICUS AI

Patient twin on inflammatory diseases (PTID)
Maria Lamottke, Head of Business Affairs & IR, Project Management, Bicoll GmbH

Innovative approach for patient enrollment in clinical trials (PatientFacient/Wirano platform)
Vladimir Krechikov, MD, PhD, MSc, Expert in Clinical trials, PatientFacient(now Wirano)

UK Start-ups

Transforming Cancer Treatment with Next Generation
Louisa Chard Dunmall, PhD, the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, VacV Biotherapeutics Ltd

To Establish a New Era of Autologous Stem Cell Medicines through Regenerative Neuroimmunology
Jayden Smith, PhD, Head of Research, iSTEM Therapeutics