Marvin Ma, CEO, Boneʼs Technology Ltd.

An intelligent system for the prevention of elderly fracture

Marvin Ma, CEO, Boneʼs Technology Ltd.


1. Business Overview
Boneʼs Technology Limited is a R&D company of orthopaedic medical device, invested by
Hong Kong X Foundation and incubated in the Hong Kong Science Park. The founding team consists of doctoral candidates, graduates and professors of the HKU Li Ka Shing Medical
School. The mission of the company is to prevent osteoporotic fractures in elderly people and to improve any associated treatments. Our team has successfully developed the world's leading system in fracture prevention and treatment for the elderly, consisting of software solution based on artificial- intelligence, bioactive bone fillers and minimally invasive devices.
Boneʼ s Technology Limited adheres to the optimization of product quality, providing sustainable solutions, improving the health and quality of life for the elderly.

2. Market Analysis
Market Size: we are focusing on HK$ 495.35 billion global Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment Market, of which 28% is spent on prevention and 72% is spent on treatment for bone fractures in osteoporotic and pre-osteoporotic patients.
Pain Point: Elderly bone fracture takes a huge personal toll and social burden, but the current solution of prevention inherently fails to effectively assess bone fracture risk, it has only 3.5% clinical cinerary rate with 45% screening accuracy. The treatment system also cannot deliver therapy without various side-effect (e.g. thermal and chemical bone damages) due to its non-bioactive nature, monomer cytotoxicity and high setting temperature.
Growing Potential: Boneʼs Technology is aimed at global osteoporosis prevention and treatment. We have established a stable industry network and promoted our prime products,
Boneʼs Prevention Software and Boneʼs Curation Fillers, in many international Orthopaedics and Osteoporosis conferences, and collaborated 9 leading hospitals in both Hong Kong and
Mainland of China. The next significant step will be the market development in the U.S and Asia Pacific. This strategy aims at cultivating new geographic market segments for existing products.

3. Highlight of Technology
Boneʼ s Prevention Software: 1) High-precision bone density partition measurement by "deep convolution network and mathematical morphology fusion algorithm" technology; 2) 3D data visualization and 3D geometric morphology measurement of bone density through "smart grayscale image subtraction" technology; 3) High-precision biomechanical simulation of bone fragility evaluation through "expert-level artificial intelligence" modeling technology; SrCement-HK® (FDA Submission No. Q181883): Using the homologous element occupancy substitution technique to impart osteoinductivity to the bioapatite, maintaining the crystal structure of the apatite while improving its inducibility.

Marvin is the CEO of Bone's Technology Limited. He graduated from The University of Hong Kong and he cofounded Bone's Technology LTD, which is the pioneer in exploring the fracture prevention and treatment solutions for the elderly, dedicating to AI diagnostic software, bioactive bone fillers and next generation implants.