Ishay Attar, Founder & Chairman, BioChange

Innovative technology for tissue regeneration, Bio-Changing life

Ishay Attar, Founder & Chairman, BioChange


BioChange Ltd has developed a breakthrough technology called CellFoam™ for tissue regeneration. A unique injectable scaffold that stimulates tissue augmentation, repair and remodeling at the injected site. CellFoam™ is a bio-adhesive 3D foam structure which starts as flow-able and solidifies within the target tissue into a functional tissue graft. It is made of natural materials, fully biocompatible and biodegradable, rich with cellular adhesion sites (RGD motifs), making it an ideal scaffold for stimulating cell growth. It is designed for implantation using a minimally invasive procedure.

CellFoam™ is a superior scaffold that resolves most of tissue engineering challenges:
It works: provides bio-stimulation superior to any other marketed product.
It's safe: natural biomaterials, no toxic chemicals, biocompatible with perfect safety profile.
Adequate degradation rate: required in order to match with the pace of tissue repair.
Scaffold administration through a minimally invasive treatment reduces the risk of infection, scarring and the cost of treatment.
Adequate mechanical properties for manipulation in vivo. The mechanical properties must satisfy the mechanical resistance of the tissues to be regenerated.
Fully reversible: the implant can be dissolved within minutes, if rescue procedure required, by injection of an FDA collagenase product.

CellFoam™, our core platform technology, is suitable for various applications in regenerative medicine, including bone repair, urinary incontinence treatment, lung volume reduction, dermatology, treatment of periodontal disease and more. Technology R&D is performed at BioChange as well as product manufacturing. In our first phase we developed and brought to market a veterinary product that solves the unmet problem of urinary incontinence in female dogs. By remodeling the urethra with our injectable scaffold, we achieved an unprecedented effect, which was recorded in a clinical study and published at the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine (

Currently we are looking for investments in order to continue the development of our core technology in humans, for urinary incontinence and dermatology applications. We are also looking for collaborations with the Japanese biotech industry, providing our technology for various tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications, such as stem cells delivery and tissue bio printing. Furthermore, we are looking for a partner to distribute our product VetFoam in Japan, which is regulated as a "medical device" in EU and USA (and not medicinal products), hence much easier to regulate.

BioChange is led by its founder, Ishay Attar who has 20 years of experience pioneering the development of cutting-edge technologies that address large un-met medical needs. He founded five healthcare companies and served as CEO or Executive Chairman in four. Our management team consists of Medical Director, Dr. Ofir Artzi, MD, Aesthetic Dermatologist, Head of Center for Aesthetic Dermatology in Sourasky Medical Center, and head of a private successful clinic, KOL in skin rejuvenation; VP R&D, Randa Abbas, PhD with over 10 years of versatile experience in R&D from biomedical and biotechnology industries in medical device class III development, chemical and formulation development, drug delivery systems, biomedical polymers chemistry and manufacturing, as well as scaffolds development for tissue regeneration applications; and COO, Keren Sinik, PhD, with over 15 years of combined industry and academic experience leading interdisciplinary and multicultural teams combining preclinical trials, immunology, biochemistry, protein engineering and protein purification.

BioChange is committed to further development of the technology for various unmet needs and indications in the veterinary and medical fields. We aspire to improve animal and human health by delivering viable products through a network of strategic collaborations.