Kimihiko Sato, Director and COO, bitBiome, Inc.

Single-cell genomics for microbes~Innovating novel findings to industry utilization

Kimihiko Sato, Director and COO, bitBiome, Inc.


Business definition and social contribution
• bitBiome provides "microbial single-cell genomic analysis; bit-MAP®" as a service for various industries/academia researchers, from basic research to product development.

Technology overview
• Our proprietary single-cell, whole-genome analytical platform called bit-MAP® enables strain-level differentiation and functional analyses with high accuracy, broad spectrum of bacteria, and high throughput. It delivers unprecedented strain-level genomics with functional insights into microbiome not available with the existing technologies.


• bit-MAP® has 5 processes and realizes high throughput and cost deduction by protocol improvement and equipment investment.


• bitBiome is the only one player who can provide single cell genomics for microbiome.
○Securing technological competitive advantage by eight submitted patents and protocols
• We are constructing technological competitive advantage through eight pending patents and proprietary database

• Microbiomes are enormous untapped resources with massive value. It has been said that the only less than 0.001% of the microbial species on the earth has been discovered. Despite that, there is a large and growing market size of final products relevant to microbes such as pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, and cosmetic industries
• Though it has been said that Microbiome balance is critical for health until a few years ago, it is recently said individual strains play critical roles in human health and it is very important for precise understanding of some disease and drugs.
○For example, the Nature article shows Mixture of 11 strains induces CD8 T cells with synergetic effect on immune checkpoint inhibitors for cancer(source: Nature
• bitBiome started collaboration to make a discovery about key microbiome strains affecting diseases.
○In a collaboration with the National Cancer Center Japan, we are analyzing 500 Cancer patients' Fecal samples across multiple tumor types as a strain level to discover bio-marker for cancer related disease and bio-marker for adequate response to oncology drugs.
○In the future, it will result, diagnostic pharmaceuticals, diagnostic kits, CDx.
• We will evolve from technology provider to IP-based licensing business through collaboration studies.

Our team
• COO Kimihiko Sato(Presenter): Business consulting in healthcare at Boston Consulting Group for seven years (Project Leader). Studied molecular biology at The University of Tokyo. Associate member of The Institute of Actuaries of Japan.
• CEO Sunao Fujioka : Marketing at pharmaceutical companies (Janssen, MSD); ed launch of Biomarker/CDx domain in oncology; recipient of Merck Global's Best Innovation Award. Studied pharmacy at The University of Tokyo (licensed pharmacist)
• CSO Masahito Hosokawa:Inventor of bit-MAP®; single-cell research at Waseda University for ten years (h-index:16, 39 research papers). Researcher at JST-PRESTO and research fellow at JSPS; Awarded The Young Scientists' Prize by Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2019)
• CLO Yoshihito Daimon : Patent attorney. Legal/intellectual property for 17 years at Astellas Pharma and Mylan; extensive track record in developing and executing IP legal strategies. Specially appointed professor at Tohoku University Head Office for Open Innovation Strategy; experts committee member at the Japan Patent Office.



Joined bitBiome Inc. in February 2020 as a Director and COO.
Before joining, worked as a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group for seven years, specific to healthcare industry. Managing a team as a project Leader, developed and implemented broad range of strategies such as mid/long-term corporate growth, new product launch, and sales.