Sumitaka Maruyama, Chief Strategy Officer, Quantum Operation Inc.

Health monitoring system based on Sensing body temperature and vital signs for Heat stroke and Infection disease prevention

Sumitaka Maruyama, Chief Strategy Officer, Quantum Operation Inc.


Remote monitoring of vital data is especially important in the monitoring of contagious disease such as coronavirus and heat stroke prevention. We provide wearable vital sensors and remote, continuous monitoring systems for people who need to take measures against contagious diseases and who work in construction, nursing care, and manufacturing sites. We contribute to prevention, early detection of patients, and prevention of serious illnesses.

It is easy to obtain epidermal body temperature with a wearable sensor, but it is very difficult to obtain deep body temperature (DBT). We have developed a wrist-watch-type sensor that can measure estimated DBT and can also measure vital data such as heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. We are also developing an automatic precursor detection system that utilizes this data. In other words, we can provide specialized medical services that are distinctly different from existing wristwatch-type sensors and medical AI offered by other companies.
Our system also can enable medical surge capacity. Vital signs can be collected remotely, without nurse having to visit patients. And our system send alert to medical practitioners when vital data is serious. It can reduce exposure to infection and concentrate on critical patients to use their ability in this COVID-19 pandemic.

[Market size]
International Labor Organization (ILO) reported that 80 million jobs lose productivity by heat weather. Not only jobs, but also 275 million are stressed by global warming at home, and it will increase up to 1.2 billion at the end of 21st century.

[Our Team]
Our members are 20 now.
・Kazuma Kato CEO, Invited Lecturer, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University, has many experiences in operating start-up business.
・Atsushi Komata Chief hardware engineer, has expertise in circuit design to reduce power consumption and has experience in design small devices.
・Shozen Ryu, Chief software engineer, has great experience in health-care application.
・Daiki Tanaka, Data scientist, has knowledge about modeling design and AI analysis.

We are in Series A and major investors are Taisho Pharmaceutical Corp., Alfresa Corp., TOMITA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and angel investors.

[Award history]
Orange Fab ASIA 2019 Winner
Japan Representative, Global Innovation Forum 2020 in OSAKA
Adopted by the Plug and Play Batch3 IOT
Selected for the Nippon Foundation Accelerator Program Social Change Maker #2
Mitsubishi Research Institute Accelerator Program 2019

[Presenter Profile]
Graduated from Faculty of Engineering and achieved Master's Degree in Engineering from The University of Tokyo.
After working for Toshiba Corp., started own business and joined Quantum Operation Inc. in 2017 when founded.