Kazuki Arita, Director, Business development department Manager, dbE Inc.

Comparison of highly difficult documents by machine learning

Kazuki Arita, Director, Business development department Manager, dbE Inc.



The definition of the project and the contribution to the society.
(To whom we supply our product and services)
The Target: the pharmaceutical companies
The summary of our product: the solution that automate the process of writing and confirming the legal or official documents
The name of the product: rodanius for pharma
The technical highlights (the functions/performance, practices, uniqueness and advantage of Tech)

Functions/performance summary
Automatically Searching similarity between legal doc. and official docs.
Automatically picking up the critical mistakes or differences.
For user confirmation supplying the checking mode of searching results and teaching function to rodanius which is better listing if users want.
At the result non special office worker also can use rodanius instead of highly skilled check stuff.
Keeping the integrity of related docs and boosting search accuracy
No requirement of user's skill set for finding the mistakes and differences.
Finding the mistakes and differences may prevent remaining by human check.

Core technology
NLP: orchestration of multi method by best optimization of machine learning.
Enough experiences of real docs. by pharmaceutical companies
No competition in this area
Market volume (how big in domestic and overseas)
Pharmaceutical market
domestic:86.4 billion
overseas:1,204.8 billion

Selected Bayer G4A 2019
Patent 2017



2006 : Establishment of a company in US.Berkeley.
・Developed a music analysis system using AI technology.
2010 : Establishment of ONTROX Co.,Ltd
・Developed a visualizing tool of complex network
・Analyze Twitter
・Elected as a member of JETRO SVIP
2015 : Establishment of dbE Co.,Ltd
・Patented RDB automatic optimization