Hiroshi Shinjo, MBA, CEO, Himuka AM Pharma. Corp.

Drug Development of Refractory Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Hiroshi Shinjo, MBA, CEO, Himuka AM Pharma. Corp.


1.  Social Impact
HimukaAM provides new biopharmaceuticals for refractory inflammatory bowel diseases (i.e., those that do not respond to existing drugs). The number of patients with inflammatory bowel disease is about 200,000 in Japan, and it is estimated that more than 5 million people worldwide suffer from the disease.
HimukaAM conducts drug discovery and development (non-clinical development to early clinical development), secure intellectual property rights, and license out the results to pharmaceutical companies.

2.  Technical Overview
Our new drugs achieve "mucosal healing," which is a therapeutic target for inflammatory bowel disease, by utilizing the function of endogenous hormones. Conventional drugs that target molecules involved in inflammation and immune abnormalities are effective in alleviating symptoms by inhibiting the function of causative agents such as inflammation, but such molecularly targeted drugs do not directly promote mucosal healing. In our new products, they will realize faster and more direct healing of intestinal mucosa by promoting the protective and restorative actions of the damaged tissue by the hormones.
The product is in preparation for Phase 1 studies outside Japan.

3. Marketability
Assuming; 5 million patients worldwide x 30% refractory rate (moderate to severe) x 10% drug usage rate x $30,000USD annual drug cost, the estimated sales would be 4.5B USD. Because the therapeutic approach of our new drug is quite different from that of existing drugs, we assumed that it can be used in combination with existing drugs and calculated based on the concept of "usage rate" including concomitant use, not just "market share" (≒competition for the market).

4. Our Team




Hiroshi Shinjo is a co-founder and CEO of Himuka AM Pharma Corp. He has strong background in intellectual property management as a patent attorney in Japan. Before launching Himuka AM, he managed industry-academia collaboration programs at University of Miyazaki. Master of Energy Science and MBA.