Haddad, Head of Global Business Development, MEDICUS AI

Helping people understand their health

Faddi Haddad, Head of Global Business Development, MEDICUS AI


Medicus AI is a smart platform that interprets and translates medical reports and health data into easy-to-understand, personalized health insights and explanations, test recommendations and on-going health and lifestyle tips. Medicus' Medical Reasoning engine understands biomarker data, vitals, health profiles, family history, medications covering the most tested blood, urine and stool markers. Our smart health coaching delivers tips and actionable steps towards building sustainable healthy habits over an interactive app experience.

Our platform was designed to be a B2B2C product. Our direct clients in the Japanese market are Electronic Patient Record (EPR) providers, Third Party Administrators of medical checkups Diagnostic Labs, health and life insurance companies, hospitals and clinics, among others. Indirectly, however, Medicus reaches patients and healthcare practitioners in all areas of medicine.

Medicus' solutions are catered to a wide array of healthcare companies, such as labs, hospitals and insurance providers, among others. Our unique solution allows these companies to differentiate themselves by providing an intuitive way for patients to understand their health data, contributing for increased interest of patients in their wellbeing.

Patients interested in their wellbeing are scientifically proven to be healthier, and healthier customers means fewer claims to insurance companies, which fosters Medicus' attractiveness to life and health providers worldwide. Medicus engages insurance policy holders by helping them understand their health and makes it actionable by providing easy to follow and sustainable coaching programs based on the latest findings in behavioral psychology.

Our technology consists mainly in 4 products that can be fully integrated or work on their own individually for different functions:

• Smart Reports: Medicus Smart Platform can translate health data and reports such as annual checkups and electronic patient records (EPR) into fully explained smart reports, complete with personalized health insights, health tips, and recommendations;

• Smart Wellbeing: The Medicus Wellbeing platform provides users with an overall picture of their health, through a proprietary health scoring system that evaluates their physical and psychological health. Nutrition, fitness and lifestyle programs designed to build and maintain healthy habits are suggested to users based on their profile, inputs and Wellbeing Score;

• Smart Interoperability: Medicus can structure, unify, and normalize medical data from different sources, standards, and structures solving one of the biggest challenges in healthcare: interoperability;

• Smart Assist: Knowledge browsing tool for doctors and healthcare professionals that provides medical insights, test recommendations, and suspected conditions based on patient's health data;

• Smart Programs: Medicus has developed medically based specialized health apps and programs such as Pregnancy Management, Weight Loss, Diabetic and Hypertension prevention.

We also work in ad hoc topics with specific partners in order to develop customized solutions to their specific needs, integrating or not in our existing products, depending on the demand. All of our products are ready to deploy and are either in full usage by our clients or being piloted by potential clients or partners.

Medicus AI has offices in six countries: Austria, France, Germany, Lebanon, UAE and China. It also has a diverse and growing client base in 10 countries across different sectors in the healthcare industry ranging from insurance companies to labs and hospitals. Currently, Medicus is looking to expand to new markets.

Medicus has also participated in several international programs in Switzerland and Japan. It is currently conducting business in Medicus and carrying out talks with-several major partners such as NTT Data, Pfizer, and Roche Japan.

Fadi Haddad, Head of Business Development, Vienna
Fadi Haddad is an entrepreneur with 12 years of business experience in sales, marketing, and go-to-market strategies.
Prior to joining Medicus, Fadi founded a startup in the direct-to-consumer space, and prior to that, he held various positions with startups and corporates in Dubai, Singapore, Mexico City and Vienna. Fadi first joined Medicus AI as a consultant in 2018 which allowed him to dive deeper into Medicus' industry transforming technology and the impact it will have on the world. He then officially joined the team in 2019 heading up global business expansion with the goal of enabling people everywhere to understand their health better.