Alex Winter,PhD, CEO and co-founder , Norbert Health

Bringing preventive health care to every home

Alex Winter,PhD, CEO and co-founder , Norbert Health


We are building revolutionary ambient and predictive health sensors designed to help our elderlies live longer in their homes. Our devices can measure vital signs, detect movement and falls, predict and prevent issues, without the need to wear anything. Norbert was started by a veteran consumer electronics and a veteran AI entrepreneurs.

Alex is both a computer vision geek and a repeat tech entrepreneur. Alex is currently CEO and co-founder of Norbert health - building revolutionary ambient health devices for the elderly population. Alex is also helping several VC funds as a venture partner - Scrum Ventures, Serena.
Prior to this project, Alex was leading the Artificial Intelligence team at Arlo, founded and exited two computer vision startups. Alexandre holds a PhD in Computer Vision from Telecom Paristech and 10 patents in the field.