Healthcare Venture Conference KYOTO 2019 Report

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Thank you very much for participating in HVC KYOTO 2019! A total of 250 people from different sectors attended, including Boston companies, which were invited as part of the JETRO regional direct investment conference project. 29 pitches and 93 individual interviews with partner companies were implemented. We, the organizer team would like to express our gratitute for having a successful HVC KYOTO 2019 over the last year. You could be informed in detail on the following report. We're looking forward to seeing you in HVC KYOTO 2020!

Participant attributes by industry


Date:July 1st, 2019 9:30-17:00 Exhibition 9:30-18:00 Individual meetings 10:20-16:30
Venue:Kyoto Research Park West Bldg#4 B1F


9:30 「Opening Note Yasukazu Irino, Executive Vice President, JETRO

9:40  Special lecture 「Design-driven approach to drug discovery and translational research」
  Rieko Yajima Ph.D, Stanford University, Director of Drug Discovery Innovation,
  SPARK Program in Translational Research, School of Medicine

10:15 Pitch Session 9 Innovative Pitches
Presentation 1:「Drug Discovery of Oxytocin related Autism Spectrum Disorder」
        Yuji Kogami, CEO & President, SkySea Pharmaceutical Inc.
Presentation 2:「Epigenetic Drug Discovery by Gene Switch」
        Shuji Ikeda, Managing Director, ReguGene Co., Ltd.
Presentation 3:「Enabling Cell Therapy ‒ From India to world ‒」
        Kouichi Hasegawa, Scientific Advisory Board, Cellagility Biomed Pvt. Co.
Presentation 4:「Robust screening of monoclonal antibodies from rabbits and humans」
        Teruyo Kato, CEO, iBody Inc.
Presentation 5 :「Companion Diagnostic" AI Program" that enables successful development of therapeutic drugs for Alzheimer's
        Yoshiyuki Notsu, Director, CDO, ERISA Co., LTD.
Presentation 6:「Disulfide-Rich Peptides, promising scaffolds for pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals and cosmetics.」
        Kazuhiko Kurosawa, Invited researcher, Biotechnology Research Institute for Drug Discovery,
        National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Presentation 7:「Dentin regeneration therapy using Laminin-derived peptide, Laminin-411 and 511」
        Takashi Saito (agency Yasutomo Ogiwara) Professor, School of Dentistry, Health Sciences University
        of Hokkaido
Presentation 8:「Paradigm changing curative treatment for sleep apnea」
        Jean Michel Mauclaire, Chairman & CEO, Tongue Lab
Presentation 9:「New solution for eye correction" full-range tunable eyeglasses"」
        Giichi Shibuya, CEO, Elcyo Co., Ltd.

12:15 Lunch Break

 「Guest greetingsShunsaku Kimura, Deputy Director-General,Prof. Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation,
  Kyoto University
  Boston Session
  Startup & Venture Companies from the Boston area who wish to develop their business in Japan will be having their pitch
  in this session.
   Keynote speech 「Introduction for new drug development based on Neuroscience research」
            Shinichi Torii, President & Representative Director, Biogen Japan Inc.
   11 International Startup pitches
Presentation 1:「BioLabs, the experience of a biotechnology company in a shared-laboratory facility」
        Christine Kressirer, PhD, Site Director, Tufts Launchpad, BioLabs
Presentation 2:「Intraoral Health Monitor」
        Daniel Weinstein, Co-Founder, CEO, Biomedical Engineer, UCHU Biosensors, Inc.
Presentation 3:「High-throughput Peptide Manufacturing for Therapeutic Research and Drug Discovery」
        Dale A.Thomas III, Cofounder, Mytide Therapeutics
Presentation 4:「Automating gene editing using a digital microfludics platform」
        Alison Hirukawa, Co-founder, Chief Product Officer, DropGenie
Presentation 5:「Innovate faster, Climb higher」
        Christopher R.C.Ilsley, CEO, North Shore InnoVentures
Presentation 6:「OneRNA™: a paradigm shift to truly individualized treatment」
        Gitte Pedersen, CEO and cofounder, Genomic Expression
Presentation 7:「Stratifying indolent from aggressive cancers: it's the biology, not the histology」
        Guy L. Fish, CEO, Cellanyx Diagnostics
Presentation 8:「Analytics, AI & Automation in Cell Culture & Stem Cell Culture」
        Thomas Forest Farb-Horch, Co-Founder, CEO, President & Board Member, Thrive Bioscience, Inc.
Presentation 9:「Leveraging wastewater as a window into population health.」
        Noriko Endo, Product manager, Biobot Analytics, Inc.
Presentation 10:「App based management of respiratory disease using cough sounds and machine learning」
         Rayees Rahman, CEO, PhD student, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Canairy
Presentation 11:「Innovation in Drug Delivery: Needle-Free Auto-Injector」
         Andrew Coats, Vice President of Engineering, PORTAL INSTRUMENTS, INC.

14:45 Coffee Break

15:00 Pitch Session② 9 Innovative Pitches
Presentation 1:「Delivering medicines that matter and maximizing pharma asset value through robust and efficient
        industry-academia collaborations」
        Hiroshi Nagabukuro PhD, COO/CSO, ARTham Therapeutics Inc.
Presentation 2:「Photoacoustic 3D imaging opens a Door to Vascular Health Science」
        Sadakazu Aiso M.D., PhD. President CEO, Luxonus Inc.
Presentation 3:「Solution provider for new pharmaceutical modalities」
        Shin-Il Kim, Director, Division of Research & Development, aceRNA Technologies
Presentation 4:「Respect aging society and end-of-life medical care at home by utilizing IoT/AI」
        Masa Kawamukai, CEO, HAPPY PROJECT LLC
Presentation 5:「Save all Mothers and Babies Lives around the Globe~Perinatal e-Health platform」
        Yhuko Ogata, Founder & CEO, Melody International Ltd.
Presentation 6:「Transforming Cold Tumors Hot: A Novel Strategy to Fight Off Immune Checkpoint Inhibition -Resistant Tumors」
        Naozumi Harada, Ph.D. CEO and CTO, United Immunity, Co., Ltd.
Presentation 7:「Revolutionizing the Way We Treat Heart Failure」
        H. Joon Paek, Ph.D. Vice President of Corporate Development, Metcela Inc.
Presentation 8:「Innovating drug discovery for respiratory diseases using iPS-cell technology」
        Yuki Yamamoto, M.D., Ph.D. Department of drug discovery for lung diseases / Assistant professor,
        Kyoto University
Presentation 9:「Kenko Technology - Digitizing Human Emotions.」
        Idan Lahav, VP R&D, The Elegant Monkeys Ltd.

17:00 Networking (at the exhibition hall

18:00 Exchange meeting (Invitation system)

Comments from Participants

  • I thought it would be a good idea to become a global company with a very easy-to-understand English pitch.
  • I heard about Boston startups. I got to know an unknown Japanese startup.
  • How to play the pitch and comments from mentors were helpful.

Voice of speaker

  • I hope that the Japanese venture sector will attract attention from all over the world and aim for a meeting where business deals such as investment occur across borders.
  • I also studied overseas companies at events specializing in healthcare.
  • We will continue to exchange opinions in the future. I am very grateful to the mentor teachers.

Voice of partner

  • The question and answer and facilitation of the pitch was good.
  • It was very meaningful to exchange information with various people in the industry.
  • Compared to last year, more companies participated / put on stage, and I felt that the attention of this initiative was very high, and there were many companies with enthusiasm.