Session1-5 Companion Diagnostic "AI Program" that enables successful development of therapeutic drugs for Alzheimer's diseases

Yoshiyuki NOTSU ~ERISA Co., LTD.~


We are developing companion diagnostic program to help development of Alzheimer's disease drug. This is a CADx, Computer-Aided Diagnosis, technology that can select the patients who are responsive to the drugs. My name is Yoshiyuki Notsu. I'm director Chief Development Officer of ERISA. I worked for a research reagent manufacturer for 13 years, and then I was involved in setting up two start-up companies before joining this company.
Due to the progression of the aging society, the number of dementia patients will reach 82 million in 2030 in the world and the MCI test market is estimated as 41 billion US dollar which we are focusing on.
Since the establishment in July, 2017, we collaborated with 3 academic partners and 4 for-profit entities. We obtained a Japanese patent in February this year and we successfully raise about 1 billion US dollar in July last year.
In addition to the developmental of CADx program shown in my presentation, we are also trying to develop other imaging-based technology in the dementia field from before-ill stage to Medical stage. In parallel with the development in dementia field, we are also trying to expand our innovative product portfolio to other central nervous diseases, like schizophrenia and depression, which will be offered as SAAS through the medical cloud platform operated with our partner company.
We are looking for pharmaceutical companies who are interested in developing Alzheimer's disease using our technologies and some investors to help raise fund by March 2020 for the clinical trial.


notsu.jpg After completion of master's degree of Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo, engaged in general management for overseas subsidiaries and domestic business development for Japanese research reagents manufacture. After 13 years' employment, joined two life science start-ups as management. Since October 2017, current position.