Session1-4 Robust screening of monoclonal antibodies from rabbits

Teruyo Kato ~iBody Inc. ~


iBody was founded last year. Today, I would like to talk about robust screening platform of monoclonal antibody from humans and rabbits. Recently, aslifespan of human beings has increased immune system related diseases, like autoimmune diseases, cancer or infections are also increasing. So most of us will have somelife-threatening diseases. In these disease areas, monoclonal antibodies called mAbs are hopes for therapy. However development cost is very high and conventional Monoclonal antibody screening method cannot find good antibodies. So, a rapid and low-cost platform for screening of Highly developmentable antibodies is required. Against such issues,We offer a solution that can allow rapid hunting treasure mAbps from more than one million B cells which produce different antibodies present in a few milliliters of blood in living humans. Our method is very low cost and efficient. We can accelerate mAb therapy, mAb drugs development. This is the overview of our mAb screening platform called Ecobody technology developed by Professor Nakano and me at Nagoya University.
This process can be performed in only two days. Merits of our Technologies asre time cost and we can get natural human antibodies that is working in living humans. And this whole process can be automated.
We have special techniques to produce a sufficient amount of antibodies in a tube first technique is SKIK tag and the second is LZ tag.
We are looking for some Partners interested in our ongoing project or new mAb development projects, and also welcome investors who are interested in our business of future potential.


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