Session2-9 Kenko Technology - Digitizing Human Emotions

Idan Lahav  ~The Elegant Monkeys Ltd. ~


Measurable digitized emotional data is an enabler for effective emotion-regulation solutions.
TEM found a big opportunity in expanding the potential of wearable devices. As of today, physiological data is already available in smartwatches, medical devices, wristbands. All of those are mainly focused on fitness, health, vital signs monitoring, calories, steps and so on.
TEM believe that the future is in monitoring emotions and mental states while using the exact same devices which are already available today.
Emotions are everywhere and understanding our mental state (and mental disorders) can improve our lifestyle dramatically. If one can measure his emotions, he can improve. TEM's goal is to make KENKO a global standard of measuring emotions.
Using complex AI algorithms, KENKO provide to service-providers, consumer electronics manufacturers and biometric sensor tech companies, a subscription-based API/SDK. Our proven algorithm is converting sensors data to an objective individual emotional state measurement and enables emotion-aware solutions.
By using physiological data from 3rd party sensors and devices which already available in the market today, KENKO enable any customer to get emotions data without compromising usability and privacy. There are many advantages over other methods such as facial or speech recognition, such as objectiveness, real-world suitability, privacy and more.
The emotional data is provided back to customer, so they can make an emotion-aware decision and interaction with user. Many industries can and should be using emotion data for their solution. KENKO is trusted by corporate consulting and wellbeing service providers, as well as wearable manufacturers and automotive OEMs and Tier 1s around the world.


TEM - Idan Photo.jpg Idan is the VP R&D of The Elegant Monkeys, leading the research and development of Kenko Technology, overcoming challenges and advancing the technology to where it needs to be. Idan holds a Master of Business Administration in Management of Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Tel Aviv University and a Bachelor in Computer Science. Before joining the Elegant Monkeys, Idan served for 6 years as an officer in an elite intelligence unit for the Israeli Defence Forces and later led development teams for 3 years in the Israeli start-up ecosystem.