Session1-3 Enabling Cell Therapy - From India to world -

Kouichi Hasegawa ~Cellagility Biomed Pvt. Co. ~


We would like to speak about affordable cell therapy from India to world. Actually, India has an advantage especially if we want to make cell therapy. India has many good hospitals and doctor networks, and good CMO or CMO system.
We are targeting neuro degenerative disease like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease. Stem cell therapy will be promising treatment for the disease. The efficacy and safety of stem cell therapies are being proven day by day as you can find that in news. However, to deliver these therapies as regular treatments in many hospitals, a bottleneck is a scalability and cost of cells.
To solve the scalability problem, a cost effective and high performance cell production system, including a culture medium, automated culture system and efficient QC systems, is needed. We have two technology platforms for addressing these; one is cellular platform providing safe cells and another is medium platform providing safe, high performance and cost effective culture medium. In this HVC, we wish to introduce our culture medium platform.
Problems in stem cell culture are high cost culture medium and unstable cell behavior. This limitation is came from use of proteins, like growth factors, in the culture medium. These proteins are temperature sensitive and unstable, sourced from bacteria or animal cells, and very expensive. We want to replace the proteins with chemical compounds and developed novel completely synthetic and protein-free culture medium for stem cells. The medium needs much cheaper cost and is considerably stable than currently available medium in the market. Moreover, cells in our culture medium even grow better than that in other medium.
The medium market estimated at $301M at 2025 and we are targeting 15% of market share. We have done with the development of the medium. Now we are seeking for an investment or a partner to manufacture the medium for the market.


Cellagility 長谷川 顔写真.jpg Junior Associate Prof. Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS),Kyoto University, and Scientific Advisory board, Cellagility Biomed, India.Previously served as a faculty in University of Southern California, Universityof Melbourne and inStem, India, and a SAB at Cell Guidance System (UK) and Stem Cell Innovation (Japan).