Session2-5 Save all Mothers and Babies Lives around the Globe-Perinatal e-Health Platform

Yhuko Ogata ~Melody International Ltd.~


I'm CEO of Melody International Ltd., which is an e-Health company specializing in saving all mothers and babies lives around the world.We are seeking funding of 3 million dollars to produce 2000 machines and expanding into the Thai market.
As your own problem, you should not want to go to the hospital for 2 hours.
A case of Amami Island, where is between Okinawa and Kyushu. It takes 2 hours by bus to the hospital. Here our system has been used since before. Amazingly, the number of births of Amami Island is increasing!
This is no longer a problem only in remote areas, but also urban areas with the consolidation of hospitals.I'd like to talk a little more about me here. By Starting a company in 2002, I established a market for perinatal EMR. Taking advantage of my experience of Medical ICT network, I founded Melody International Ltd. in 2015. And this year winner of Baby tech award Japan 2019.
In Japan maternity hospitals are decreasing rapidly, although high risk pregnant women are increasing.The mother and child mortality rate and doctor shortage in the world is high. The distance to the hospital where the obstetricians exist is quite far.
The worries of pregnant women grow, who difficult go to the hospital while working or raising children. We thought that reducing their anxiety or their economic time loss was the solution to these problems. We have developed a miniaturized and mobile fetal monitoring device so that many pregnant women can measure themselves any time or anywhere, which was previously only available at hospitals. This device guides your hand directly above the fetal heart sounds by its heartbeat sounds, even if you are not an expert.
"Melody i" is a communication platform between pregnant women and doctors. "Melody i" has 2 IoT devices called Petit CTG, a fetal heartrate meter and uterine contraction meter. If the mother and her baby have any abnormalities, they can immediately see a doctor via the internet. In an emergency, she can be referred to a big hospital very smoothly. It can prevent baby's problems such as hypoxia and stillbirth.
MOPH has decided to introduce "Melody i" in all 25 public hospitals in Chiang Mai, Thailand this year. One year ago, we introduced "Melody i" to 3 public non-obstetric hospitals. A doctor found 1500 pieces of data taken, which saved 10 pregnant women with fetal abnormalities by sending them to a obstetric hospital.
By trying many clinical tests overseas, we were able to obtain class Ⅱ regulatory certification at an exceptional speed of 3 years for our development of our medical devices.
The graph shows the total number of data taken by using "Melody i" and petit CTG has increased usage in Japan and Thailand.
Finally talking about our business strategy, "Melody i" and Petit CTG can help to improve CTG examination way with its remote portability and its user-friendly function. Even if the pregnant woman doesn't go to the hospital, the equipment reaches her. We believe that the market of BtoC is wide open in the near future, and hope to deliver petit CTG to every pregnant mother around the world.


YhukoOgata.png Master of Engineering, Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering, Nuclear Engineering.
I succeeded in commercialization of the first EMR for Perinatal period at previous company which I founded in 2002. In 2009, I was awarded "Japan Venture Awards 2009" by the government. Taking advantage of the experiences of medical ICT, I started Melody International in 2015. The corporate mission as "Providing safe and secure deliveries for all mothers around the World.