HVC KYOTO 2024 now opens for entry by startups!

HVC KYOTO 2024 starts to accept entry by startups. We welcome startups seeking for partnership and joint research with Japanese and overseas companies and fundraising from them as well as entrepreneurial researchers who want to commercialize their research results.

HVC KYOTO provides opportunities for adopted seed (pre-seed included) to early-stage startups to identify partners and contributors for their growth. Demo Day includes healthcare focused startup business pitch session in English which boasts a largest scale in Japan and matching between startups and business alliance and joint research partners and investors.
This year's Demo Day is scheduled on July 8-9.

Follow-up events after Demo Day includes the following: Symposium with leading figures in regenerative medicine for which Kyoto serves as a catalyst will disclose the latest technology trend, regulations and national strategy. Alumni Showcase attests to HVC KYOTO's effectiveness: startups adopted in the past HVC KYOTO will demonstrate how they have grown their business by sharing their experiences. These events are full of insight and networking opportunities for startups.


Comment from Lead Advisor

Comment from Advisor


Seed to early-stage startups in healthcare domain including drug discovery, bioscience, medical device and digital health and entrepreneurial researchers who want to commercialize their research achievements.

Annual Schedule

Entrants who successfully passed review are entitled to participate in HVC KYOTO annual programs.


Benefit for adopted startups

Prior Demo Day

Demo Day(Scheduled on July 8-9, 2024)

   Demo Day Awards
     【JETRO Awards】
         Publication of report on JETRO official web-site, external PR, other JETRO services made available,
         networking with and support from JETRO offices in the world.       
     【KRP Awards】
         6 months free use of TURNKEY LAB KENTO, shared rental lab with shared equipment,
         and KRP BIZ NEXT service office. 
         Awards and prizes will be offered by partners.

How to entry

Download Entry Sheet. Fill in Entry Sheet and send it via email to the following address:

画像1.png*Entry Deadline:Friday, March 29, 2024


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