【Registration is now open】The largest healthcare-specific pitch event in Japan "HVC KYOTO 2023"

Kyoto Research Park Corp. (KRP) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), co-hosted with Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City, will hold a Demo Day for HVC KYOTO 2023, an innovation platform specialized in the healthcare field. HVC KYOTO has been holding pitches in English in collaboration with overseas universities, VC/incubators, and enterprises since its inception in 2016 to generate startups that are active in the healthcare field not only in Japan but also on the global stage. For this year, 22 startups are selected in the Biotech category and MedTech category. During the event, the startups will pitch to global pharmaceutical companies participating as advisors and partners and will also have opportunities to meet them.

If you are interested in partnering with these startups, please join us and watch this event.

\We recommend this event to those who are interested in partnering with these startups. /
・Management and corporate planning departments of large companies who are interested in partnering with startups.
・VCs and CVCs who are looking for startups to invest in.
・Researchers in academia who want to start their businesses in the future.
・University-industry-academia collaboration departments that want to promote technology transfer.

■Distribution period・・・ July 24, 2023 (Monday) - 2 weeks (tentative)
              *The distribution period is subject to change.
■How to watch・・・・・・Archived streaming via YouTube
      We will send you the URL for viewing by e-mail.
■Contents・・・・・・・・Pitches by startups, keynote speeches by experts from Japan and abroad
■Admission・・・・・・・ Free (advance registration required)
■Language・・・・・・・ English (with simultaneous audio interpretation)
■Apply to view・・・・・
*If you wish to attend the event and meet with the pitch speakers individually, please attend as a partner (see here for details).
*For sponsors and past HVC startups who wish to attend the Demo Day on site, please refer to the separate announcement.
*If you are a member of the media and would like to cover the event, please contact the secretariat listed at the end of this document.

Demo Day Program

All adopted startups, partner companies, sponsors, co-sponsors, supporting organizations, Alumni startups, and other invitees are welcome to attend the program at the venue.
The general public will receive a video recording of the day's program at a later date.
We will also have time for business meetings and socializing over the two days of the Demo Day at the venue. We look forward to seeing you at the next and subsequent Demo Day.


Selected Startups

We received a large number of applications this year, and 22 startups passed the selection process and were selected.
About 10 to 15 startups that have passed the screening process are scheduled to pitch at the Demo Day. The Biotech category is mainly for drug discovery, biotechnology, and regenerative medicine, while the MedTech category is mainly for digital health and medical devices.


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Program director

アートボード 6 のコピー 7.png

Lead advisor

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■HVC KYOTO, now in its 8th year, envisions the shape of innovation

HVC KYOTO (Healthcare Venture Conference KYOTO) is an "innovation platform" for startups and entrepreneurial-minded researchers in the healthcare field aiming for overseas expansion, as well as business companies, investors, incubators, etc. that are actively involved in Open Innovation and support them. KYOTO is an "innovation platform" for startups and entrepreneurial researchers in the healthcare field aiming to expand their business overseas, as well as business companies, investors, incubators, and others active in Open Innovation who support them, to collaborate and enhance each other.

Among the year-round programs, the DemoDay held in July every year has been held entirely in English, in order to launch into the global market. Over the past seven DemoDay events, a total of 140 pitches have been made. After their presentations at the DemoDay, the speakers have gone on to achieve remarkable success, including major business partnerships, various awards, and fundraising.

This year, 22 startups were selected in two new categories, Biotech and Medtech. We invited experts in each category as advisors. In response to the growing global interest in the seeds of medical devices and digital health and the increase in entries to HVC KYOTO, we have strengthened our support for the selected startups and made more professional mentoring available to them.

Organisers / Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Kyoto Prefecture, City of Kyoto, KYOTO RESEARCH PARK Corp.

Co-organisers / Kansai Innovation Initiative(KSII), Kyoto University Office of Society Academia Collaboration for Innovation (SACI), Kyoto University Innovation Capital Co., Ltd.

Supporters / The Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI-KANSAI), Osaka Prefectural Government, Hyogo Prefectural Government, City of Osaka, City of Kobe, The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kyoto Industrial Support Organization 21, Advanced Science, Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO (ASTEM), Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation at KOBE, Kansai Economic Federation (Kankeiren), Kyoto Industrial Association, Kyoto Wisdom Industry Creation Center, Life Science Innovation Network Japan(LINK-J), Kansai Health and Medical Association, Kansai Health and Medical Care Innovation Council, MIT Venture Forum of Japan (MIT-VFJ), SARR LLC, Kansai Pharmaceutical Industries Association (KPIA), Biocommunity Kansai(BiocK)

For inquiries & contacts / Nagata, Inovation Design Dept., Kyoto Research Park Corp. (E-mail: