HVC KYOTO is providing a key component of business planning for domestic and global healthcare startups, “Global Market Insight”. Most healthcare companies are seeking business opportunities in their domestic market due to language or regulatory limitations, but their competitors are coming from the global market with robust power of product development to create innovative products. Startups have to compete with, or eventually be acquired by global big companies as an exit strategy to promote their product. To let startups obtain “real voices” from the global market, HVC KYOTO made alliances with global healthcare companies, professional advisors, mentors, and trainers in the translational research and business planning. Our uniqueness and strength are providing training and an opportunity to pitch in “English” in front of “Global Companies”.
We welcome presenters from startups to the podium, as well as partners from pharmaceuticals, biotechs, medtechs, and venture capitals from everywhere in the world as a part of the "Healthcare Innovation Ecosystem” at an exclusive place as a window between Japan and the global market, KYOTO.

▶Showcase of 20+ New Innovations in Healthcare
▶ Open Mentoring by Global Professionals
▶Lectures introducing the latest global cases


  1. 2020/05/26
  2. 2020/05/07
  3. 2020/04/27
  4. 2020/04/27
    2019ご登壇のメロディ・インターナショナル(株)様が日本産婦人科医会 との広域実証研究を開始されました。
  5. 2020/04/27
    Notice of HVC KYOTO2020 plan change
  6. 2020/04/13
    2019ご登壇のメロディ・インターナショナル(株)様のiCTGを使った、 北海道大学病院でのオンライン妊婦健診の件が記事になりました。
  7. 2020/04/09
  8. 2020/03/13
  9. 2020/03/13
  10. 2020/03/04
    【開催報告】Wellness Venture Ecosystemシリーズ講座 第4回
  11. 2020/03/02
    HVCKYOTO2018 ご登壇の歯っぴー(株)さまの開発された機器が、 動物医学臨床研究所のアワードを受賞されました。
  12. 2020/03/02
    HVCKYOTO2018 ご登壇の歯っぴー(株)さまが、福山市と提携して 実証実験を実施されます。
  13. 2020/02/26
  14. 2020/02/26
  15. 2020/02/14
    【開催報告】Wellness Venture Ecosystemシリーズ講座 第3回
  16. 2020/01/14
  17. 2020/01/14
  18. 2020/01/10
    【開催告知】Wellness Venture Ecosystem シリーズ講座 第4回
  19. 2020/01/10
    【開催告知】Wellness Venture Ecosystem シリーズ講座 第3回
  20. 2019/12/10
    【開催報告】Wellness Venture Ecosystemシリーズ講座 第2回