Healthcare Venture Conference KYOTO 2017 (English)

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HVC (Healthcare Venture Conference) KYOTO is a platform that supports new innovative startups aiming to expand their business into the global market in the healthcare field. The first HVC KYOTO 2017 was held on August 4 (Friday) at the Kyoto Research Park (KRP) as part of JETRO's regional contribution projects. All sessions were presented in English. Over 160 participants, from not only healthcare but also a wide variety of other backgrounds, attended the conference.


Representing the organizers, Kenichi Ishihara, Chief Director of JETRO Kyoto gave the opening address, emphasizing that the success of this conference would serve as a driving force in the innovation system in the healthcare field. The programs mainly consisted of short presentations made by 10 innovative startups, many of them related with Kyoto University, and open mentoring sessions. Latest models of innovation creating activities were introduced in other sessions. In parallel with these sessions, exhibits were displayed and, after the sessions, 14 individual meetings were held for matching presenters and partners.
For details of each session, please refer to the following:

Conference Program: Aug.4th 2017 @ Kyoto Research Park

10:00 - 10:05 Opening Note
Kenichi Ishihara, Chief Director, JETRO Kyoto

10:05 - 10:30 Session1: Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts: a Great Location for Healthcare Startups >>
Elizabeth Steele, Senior Director, Economic Development & Global Affairs, Massachusetts Biotechnology Council

10:30 - 10:45 Session2: KYOTO-SPARK, Opportunity for the Drug Development in Academia >>
Tomoyoshi Koyanagi, Associate Professor, Medical Science & Business Liaison Organization, Kyoto University

10:45 - 11:00 Break - 15 minutes

11:00 - 13:00 Session3 10 Innovative Startup Presentations

Presentation #1 AFI Corporation's business >>
Takaharu Enjoji, CEO, AFI Corporation

Presentation #2 Drug Discovery based on Glycan Technology >>
Hirofumi Ochiai, Manager, Research & Development, GlyTech, Inc.

Presentation #3 HACARUS challenging the healthcare industry with the unique AI >>
Kenshin Fujiwara, CEO, Hacarus Inc.

Presentation #4 Cardiac cells derived from iPS cells >>
Kenji Kakuta, President & CEO, iHeart Japan Corporation

Presentation #5 A new class of anti-DNA viral drugs >>
Masafumi Kuroishi, CEO, KinoPharma, Inc.

Presentation #6 High quality iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes which are differentiated under xeno-free and cytokine free conditions >>
Naohiro Makita, President, Myoridge Co. Ltd.

Presentation #7 Regcell Co., Ltd. - Generate innovative cell therapy by controlling the immune system >>
Naoto Matsuda, CEO, Regcell Co., Ltd.

Presentation #8 Introduction of innovative binder selection technology contributing to the discovery of small molecule drugs. >>
Naoki Tarui, CEO, SEEDSUPPLY Inc.

Presentation #9 Autism spectrum disorder drug discovery and its related business >>
Yuji Kogami, President & CEO, SkySea Pharmaceutical Inc.

Presentation #10 Development of endometrial microbiome testing for reproductive health >>
Yoko Nagai, Co-founder & CTO, Varinos Inc.

13:00 - 14:00 Break - 1 hour

10:30 - 10:45 Session4: SPARK Berlin: Enhancing Translation and Entrepreneurship in Academia >>
Craig Garner, Founder, SPARK-Berlin

14:30 - 15:30 Session5 Open Innovation Initiative at Global Healthcare Companies

Presentation #1 Johnson & Johnson, Make the Connection >>
Dong Wu, Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation Asia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC

Presentation #2 "Entrepreneurship Venture Program" Takeda's new approach for R&D innovation >>
Sham Nikam, Vice President, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.
Hiroshi Nagabukuro, Senior Director, Head EVP Operation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Research, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.

15:30 Closing

15:40 - 18:00 14 Individual business matching meetings between Startups and Partners

10:00 - 15:30 Poster Exhibition of Speakers, Partners, and Organizers

21 Companies and Organizations exhibited their posters outside of the conference room. Participants and exhibitors had networking time during coffee and lunch break.

Comments from Participants

"I was surprised to find so many Startups coming out from Universities. It is great that they have the ability to present their technology in front of global investors as well as domestic investors."

"Very interesting and informative sessions!"

"Very informative event. My mind as researcher can get a different focus towards driving new research."

"Session#3 Q&A from mentor is very productive and clarified strength/weakness of each presenter/opportunities."