WANTED!! Presenters&Partners for HVC KYOTO 2019! (July 1st.)


HVC KYOTO is the only Healthcre Innovation Pitch & Partnering Platform in Japan to be provided in English.

We are inviting Presenters & Partners from Pharmacetical, Biotech, Medical Device and Funds to join

our challenge to create the Healthcare Ecosysytem in Japan!

HVC KYOTOは、ヘルスケア分野で革新的な技術を持つベンチャーの、グローバルな事業展開を



英語ピッチの登壇者、そしてHVC KYOTO 2019を支えていただくパートナーを現在募集中です!

<About HVC KYOTO 2019(plan)>

<Date / 開催日時>

2019.07.01 Mon / 月 09:30-17:30

※Open/開場 9:00

※Reception/交流会 18:00-19:00

<Venue / 会場>

Bldg. 4, West Area, Kyoto Research Park(Kyoto,shimogyo Ward,Chudoji Awatacho,93)

京都リサーチパーク 4号館(京都市下京区中堂寺粟田町93)

<Language / 言語>

English / 英語(日英同時通訳あり*)


Number of participants / 定員>

250 Participants / 250名 (First come first served basis / 先着順)

Registration is scheduled to begin around mid-May 2019


<Partners / パートナー>

(As of March, 2019 /2019.3月現在)

【90×52】iPark ロゴ.png【140×23】johnan logo.png【300×58】jnj_innovation_logo_horizontal_RGB.jpg

【120×51】takeda logp.gifbasic2_illustrator.jpg【100×42】rohtoロゴ (2).png

田辺三菱製薬ロゴ.jpg ROCHE_LOGO_10mm_CMYK_COATED_PRINT.jpg


For inquiries & contacts, click here! お問い合わせ こちら から!


Those who wish to participate in partners, please contact HVC KYOTO secretariat (hvckyoto@krp.co.jp). It is possible to promote close interaction with participants with diverse backbones, as well as pitch speakers, partner companies, etc., such as exhibiting booths at the exhibition, interviewing individuals with pitch experts, and inviting them to exchange meetings.

パートナー参画をご希望の方は、HVC KYOTO事務局(hvckyoto@krp.co.jp)までご連絡ください。併設展へのブース出展、ピッチ登壇者との個別面談、交流会へのご招待などピッチ登壇者、パートナー企業のほか、多様なバックボーンをお持ちの参加者とも密な交流が図れます。

Partnerhship Menu Platinum Gold Silver

-Partnership Fee (annual)


JPY 800,000

JPY 500,000 JPY 100,000

- Preference feedback to candidate list in the selection process of the speakers


- Participation in speaker mentoring prior to/at conference


× ×

-One-to-one discussion arrangement request to Speakers









only when


by speakers




- Display of Company Logo in HVC KYOTO website, press, venues and other media


- Poster booth slot at Exhibition


- Invitation to Networking Reception
(The number of people of the admission)/


(Up to 8/ 8名)

(Up to 4/ 4名)

(Up to 2/ 2名)


For registration, click here! 参加お申し込みは こちら から! ※計20枠


We support the creation of English pitch by pre-mentoring by experienced mentor who is internationally active. On the day, in addition to the public mentoring following the pitch, we also have a place to lead to fund procurement, business tie-ups and talented personnel, such as individual interviews with partner companies, poster exhibitions at the jewelery exhibition, exchange meetings and so on.


1.How to entry/エントリー方法

In order to obtain the application form, e-mail to HVCKYOTO secretariat (hvckyoto@krp.co.jp) , please. Application deadline is 8th April 2019.The results of document screening will be informed at the end of April.

事務局(hvckyoto@krp.co.jp)宛に登壇希望の旨をお知らせください。エントリーシートをお送りしますので、2019年4月8日(月)までにメール添付でご返送ください。 書類選考の結果を同4月末にご連絡します。

2.Previous Mentoring/事前メンタリング

We will provide previous mentoring for Selected presenters twice. Our mentors are experts of translational research who belong to partners, venture capitals and academic organizations.

  ①(1st Class)Orientation for pitch beginners, whole pitch presentation

  ②(2nd Class)Individual tutoring  ※The participation in Skype is possible, too

選抜者を対象に事前メンタリングを2回(①5月 ②6月)実施し、英語ピッチの作成を支援します。パートナー企業・ベンチャーキャピタルから専門家がメンターとして参加し、事業提携や資金調達の相手側が何を求めているのか、リアルな視点でご指導いただきます。

  ①(5月) 英語ピッチのポイントご紹介、全体ピッチ

  ②(6月) 個別フォロー  ※来場困難な場合はSkypeで対応

3.Open Mentoring/オープンメンタリング

Mentors visiting from various area including Boston will perform precise advice for the business success in the global viewpoint on that day.Participants can also widen their business opportunities through the individual interview with the partner companies, the exhibition and the net-working party.