Challenge for Healthcare Innovation Eco-System at Kyoto Univ.

Tomoyoshi Koyanagi,Ph.D, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University

The first speaker was Associate Professor Tomoyoshi Koyanagi from the Kyoto University Medical Science and Business Liaison Organization. First he explained the importance of forming an ecosystem at Kyoto. Dr. Koyanagi said that everytime when he attend international conferences, he gets a strong feeling that the words " Kyoto" hold a lot of sway, and insisted that "the term 'Kyoto' should be used as an advantage to increase the value of eco-system of Kyoto in the global market."
Development of healthcare products takes long time and lots of funding. Dr. Koyanagi says "New findings from academic 'Research' requires huge efforts to image the shape of final products before starting 'Development' of that. We call the gap between R and D as 'Devil Liver'. Start-ups or academic investigators has no or limited clues to sail Devil River, so quick and affordable solutions to shed light on their path is waited". He proposed to create a system in Kyoto such as SPARK, LabCentral, and JLABS by Johnson & Johnson, who are guests of this conference. At Kyoto University, new building with incubation laboratories is under development to be completed by summer, 2017, which is expected to help sailing Devil River . He closed by saying, "We truly wish companies from our new facility participate in HVC KYOTO and grow through approaching global market, obtaining appropriate advices and more funding. We hope startup companies from Kyoto, Kansai, and all through Japan take advantages of being parts of HVC KYOTO."


京都大学大学院医学研究科「医学領域」産学連携推進機構 特定准教授
より健康で豊かな社会の実現を目指し、大学発ベンチャー創出と、企業との大型連携に従事している。スタンフォード大学博士研究員時代にベンチャー起業を通じた研究成果の事業化に接し、バイオビジネスでのキャリアを選択。帰国後は創薬、再生医療ベンチャーでの事業開発、多国籍企業での営業/ マーケティング職を歴任。大阪大学大学院修了。

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