Panel Discussion--Recommendations for Kyoto from ecosystem pioneers

(J&J INNOVATION, Stanford Univ. School, LabCentral)
Moderator: Mr. Steve Iwamura, Special Advisor,The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

After a coffee break at a neighboring venue that featured an adjacent exhibit from participant companies and KRP tenants, there was a panel discussion. Special adviser to the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan Mr. Steve Iwamura served as moderator, and Mr. Dong Wu, Dr. Johannes Fruehauf, and Professor Daria Mochly-Rosen took the podium as the panelists.
In response to the question "What skills do you need to be successful as an entrepreneur in healthcare?" Professor Mochly-Rosen indicated her beliefs that, "First, you need flexibility and humility. You need to know what you know and what you don't. Also, strong determination and passion. To be successful in the environments that we provide, we want you to have strong belief in yourself and a desire to contribute positively to the world." Mr. Wu and Dr. Fruehauf replied that teamwork is also important. The three panelists also agreed that in principle, matches between industry advisers and the university side should not be made by individual people. There was also discussion of how new output can be generated through "chance encounters" and this output can lead to the sharing of new value, so it is important to provide as many opportunities as possible for "chance encounters." There was also mention of how the trust established by building long-term relationships can be another key to success.
Professor Mochly-Rosen recommended that in order to create ecosystems, Kyoto should "please start SPARK quickly here too." Dr. Fruehauf recommended "Having a long-term perspective. Think about what you want to create, and be thorough when making decisions. It is critical not to get frustrated when the results you're after don't materialize in the short-term." He also appealed, "I hope you can proactively build large networks of colleagues, take on a more open entrepreneurial spirit, and go on to change cultures." Mr. Wu emphasized that "If there are people who fit our strategy, we want to work with them. Early-stage innovation in Japan is different from our mechanism, but even just in Kyoto we definitely hope we can work together, and if there are any possibilities for collaboration in the future, we hope you choose us as your partner."

The HVC Kyoto Pre-Conference finished on a lively note. To facilitate the creation of innovation ecosystems in the field of healthcare, we aim to continue hosting it annually from next year on.




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