SPARK - 10 years of Translational Research in Academia.

Prf. Daria Mochly-Rosen, Stanford Univ. School of Med.

Third in line was an introduction of SPARK by Professor Daria Mochly-Rosen of the Stanford University School of Medicine on the west coast of the United States. SPARK is the academic-industrial alliance program of the School of Medicine, established by Professor Mochly-Rosen in 2007. It provides the training and veteran mentoring needed for the translational (bridge) research that moves the seeds of new medicines from the basic research phase to the clinical testing phase. She provided a case study by explaining the ten year progression of the program.
Technology that changes the world starts with basic research in academia. However, this stage is still too early to bring in investment from pharmaceutical companies. The important thing is to "communicate information about the basic research to pharmaceutical companies and investors, or to carry out clinical trials and the like." In other words, to "take an idea, commercialize it, and make it available for patient care." That is the goal of SPARK, whose mission is to contribute to society by building bridges to industry, and to turn discoveries at universities into medical treatments.
SPARK has the following three criteria for the success of its projects: "1. To reach clinical trials within two years 2. For programs to be licensed out to external companies 3. To obtain the funding to launch new companies." The success rate is 60%. SPARK does things such as introducing experts and providing research facilities and funding, to lead to the success of the projects it accepts. It has taken on 110 projects to date, of which 73 have been completed.


Dr. Daria Mochly-Rosen is Senior Assoc. Dean for Research, Professor in Chemical and Systems Biology and the director of SPARK, a translational research program at Stanford University School of Medicin
Founder and Director of Stanford University's SPARK program, Daria Mochly-Rosen helps academics navigate the so-called "valley of death" between drug discovery and development. Daria founded The SPARK Program at Stanford in 2006 after having to leave academia to start a pharmaceutical company to translate her groundbreaking protein kinase C research into cardiovascular therapeutics. Challenging the academic dogma of how scientific discoveries should reach the pharmaceutical industry, the SPARK model has been implemented internationally and has resulted in a book about drug development from academia. Currently a Professor of Chemical and Systems Biology at Stanford, Daria is originally from Israel, where she received her doctorate in chemical immunology.
SPARK について
SPARK は、創薬シーズを基礎研究から臨床試験まで推し進めていくトランスレーショナルリサーチ(橋渡し研究)を推進するために必要な教育やメンタリングを提供する米国スタンフォード大学の産学のパートナーシッププログラムである。産業的なスタンダードを用いてより低額にProof of Concept(POC:概念実証)を行うため、Daria Mochly-Rosen 教授により、2007 年に設立された。SPARK で医薬品・診断薬開発の専門家へのアクセスや専用の研究施設、そして研究開発を進めるための資金援助を提供している。これまでエントリーした110 プログラムのうち73 プログラムが完了しており、その59% が起業、ライセンスアウト、あるいは臨床試験へ進んでいる。

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