Lab Central program

Dr. Johannes Fruehauf, Co-Founder & resident

Next up was Dr. Johannes Fruehauf, president of the "LabCentral Program" which originated in Boston. He shared how the program creates bio-ventures using its new business model. "Recently venture capital investments have gotten smaller, and large pharmaceutical makers have cut back on their internal R&D. On the other hand, it has become 'cool' for young people freshly graduated from universities to train as entrepreneurs and start their own companies." The success of the new model is also thanks to the spread of cloud computing and prevalence of shared economies such as co-working models, which have made it easier to launch new businesses.
The biolab system seizes opportunities that these trends present. In addition to satisfying all requirements in terms of physical space, LabCentral also provides support for everything from arranging infrastructure to facilitating a wide range of procedures such as permit applications, and also administers all types of training for creating business out of science.
"In the previous model you needed several million dollars of funding in order to start a company, and it would take several months to set things up. But with LabCentral you can get started in a matter of days, and simply by paying the rental fee you can have the environment at your disposal to go ahead and get started on research and development. We also have a rigorous screening process for becoming a tenant at LabCentral, and only 20% of applicants are approved. Since 80% of applicants are rejected, approval as a LabCentral tenant shows that you were among those selected, making you 'accepted' in the minds of partner companies and investors."


Dr. Johannes Fruehauf Founder & President of LabCentral
He is responsible for all aspects of LabCentral's operation. Johannes is a physician and successful biotech entrepreneur. Prior to LabCentral, he founded Cambridge Biolabs, a contract research facility serving startup and virtual companies in Kendall Square. He is also a co-founder of ViThera Pharmaceuticals, Deltix and Cequent Pharmaceuticals, and an advisor or board member to numerous life sciences companies and non-profits. Johannes earned his medical degree at the University of Frankfurt and his PhD at the University of Heidelberg (Germany).
LabCentral について
LabCentral は、マサチューセッツ工科大学やハーバード大学のあるマサチューセッツ州ケンブリッジの中心部に位置する民間NPO 運営のバイオベンチャー育成拠点である。最大25 社が入居でき、初期のバイオベンチャーに必要不可欠な研究開発・オフィススペース、経営・技術サポートなどを提供している。様々なバイオ実験に利用可能な設備を共同利用できるオープンラボを中心に、専用スペースも完備しており、入居と同時に研究開発に専念できる環境が整っている。

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