Pocket Therapist for People with Low Back Pain -Remote Health Consultation Service-

BackTech Inc.

For Naoto Fukutani and his venture company BackTech Inc. which launched at Kyoto University, the topic was back pain. Eight out of ten people worldwide suffer from it at least once during their lives, and in 85% of these cases the cause is unclear. BackTech offers a new type of medical treatment for this problem. Back pain is also said to cause depression in a large number of people since it can easily recur or become chronic, and the pain lasts for a long time. For patients such as these, BackTech conducts remote consultations through media such as Skype to classify the type of back pain, and offers the appropriate services tailored to each type of patient. The company announced: "Using technology we are able to recommend the appropriate treatments based on medical guidelines. Teamwork is critical to success in a system such as this, and our team includes not only doctors, physical therapists, and other medical specialists, but also engineers and business specialists. We are looking for global partners so that we can come to the aid of people around the world."

Mr. Wu of Johnson & Johnson Innovation offered words of encouragement sprinkled with humor. "I also suffer from back pain, and I hope you can help me. The person in charge of excavating the seeds is also here today, so I hope later on we can sit down and talk about it."


福谷 直人 氏㈱バックテック 代表取締役京都大学大学院医学研究科の博士後期課程在学中に、膝の痛みや腰の痛みに関する研究を実施。博士後期課程修了後、その研究シーズを元に創業。創業までは、様々なビジネスモデルコンテストに参加し、Japan Business Model Competition 最優秀賞を受賞。リーンスタートアップの手法に基づき、サービス開発中。

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