Laboratory of Hi-Think Corporation

Masayuki Tatsumi, President and Representative Director of Laboratory of Hi-Think Corporation

What kind of company is Laboratory of Hi-Think Corporation?
We are part of the Dalian Hi-Think Computer Technology Corporation Group, a software development company headquartered in Dalian, China. Specifically, we are in charge of Research & Development in Japan. Working with local universities, research institutions, and businesses in Kyoto, we conduct R&D in IoT and machine learning to provide solutions to industrial and social problems. We work closely with talented engineers?some of whom have lots of experience at leading Japanese manufacturing companies, as well as newer engineers based in our China offices?to develop ground-breaking production management systems to help improve applications for production processes such as detection of defective products to analysis of equipment failures.
Why did you choose KRP BIZ NEXT?
We were preparing to create our own office space in February 2017, but there was a lot of work to be done before that could happen, and we needed a short-term office space. We chose KRP BIZ NEXT based on the size, cost, and services available.
What was your overall experience like?
The business lounge is quite luxurious, and had a positive impression on our customers, which we were happy with. I think you’d be very hard-pressed to find a shared office space in the city that has as quiet a space to hold meetings as KRP BIZ NEXT. We were also very grateful for services such as the copy machine readily available in the office area, as well as the concierges who stored our luggage and welcomed visitors. We periodically had lots of forms to send to JETRO for subsidy applications, for example, so we utilized the copy machine quite a lot.
What are the advantages of KRP BIZ NEXT for a foreign-owned company?
Before establishing our own offices in Japan, it was important to gather as much information as possible related to domestic affairs. And since KRP is also home to JETRO Kyoto and other Kyoto prefectural and municipal organizations, being in the same area made it easier to communicate with them. Once here, we learned of a number of financial support systems that were helpful as we were establishing offices here. The KRP BIZ NEXT workspace is compact and easy to move around within, which was convenient and helped lower costs related to gathering information.
How are you finding the new offices in Bldg 9?
The view is fantastic, for one! It’s really great to work in a space with such a nice view. We opted for glass partitions, as well, so everyone can enjoy the view from wherever they are. Also, many of our business partners who visit Kyoto from China are interested in sightseeing, so, for example, we are thinking of utilizing our office space to have a party and view the lighting of the Daimonji, which is visible from the office. Communicating and connecting with other people is an important part of a successful business, and Bldg 9 is in a location that makes this very easy to accomplish.
  • Laboratory of Hi-Think Corporation At the KRP 9 building office
  • Laboratory of Hi-Think Corporation At the KRP 9 building office
  • Laboratory of Hi-Think Corporation
    Laboratory of Hi-Think Corporation

Ceres Power

Steven Rogers, Business Development Executive at Ceres Power

What kind of company is Ceres Power?
Located in west Sussex in southern England, Ceres Power was established as a university venture in 2001. We are engaged in the development and sale of next generation metal supported fuel cells. We have developed our own low-cost, robust system using energy efficient solid oxide fuel cells. Fuel cells for household use are more widely used in Japan than they are in other countries, and we have been working with Japanese manufacturers to develop fuel cell systems. In 2014, we opened an office in Japan, our first overseas branch.
Why did you decide to open the new office?
As we have clients all over Japan, we wanted to establish an office in the center of the country, somewhere with easy access to transportation. We also considered livability and eventually decided on Kyoto, and the Japan External Trade Organization then recommended KRP to us.
What made you decide to use KRP Biz Next?
Currently, I am the only one in the office, and I spend about 70 to 80 percent of my time meeting with clients, so we have no need for a large office. While it is compact, KRP Biz Next includes all of the services that we need in a single package, and it's very functional. Also, as our company grows, we may require research facilities, so the fact that we could establish such facilities in the KRP operating region is also a plus.
What is your impression of the service?
The business lounge is comfortable, which is great. Enjoying a cup of coffee from the drink corner on my break makes for a nice change of pace. The meeting rooms, which we can use for one hour per month at no additional charge, are easy to use.
What advantages does KRP Biz Next offer for Ceres Power?
One of its biggest advantages is, of course, being located in Kyoto. While Kyoto is an international city, it isn't too big, so it's a great place to raise a family. It also has a positive image in the form of the "Kyoto brand". I am happy that we chose Kyoto as the location for our office. We are currently collaborating with other companies to develop a range of products and are working to expand our business.


General manager Joanna Crisp

What is PEAK DMC Japan?
PEAK DMC Japan is the newly established company based in Japan, owned by Intrepid Group, a major global provider of small group adventure travel. The company philosophy is providing “sustainable experience-rich travel" with "Passion", "Excellence", "Adventure", and "Knowledge". We officially opened the company in August 2017 in Japan, but globally, we have been operating tours from 42 offices located across more than 90 countries for nearly 30 years. PEAK DMC Japan focuses on everything from local culture, food, natural experiences, physical activity, and from students and young people through to older more discerning travelers.
Why did you set up an office in Kyoto?
I was thinking that the head office in Japan should be in Kyoto. I believe Kyoto is one of the key centers for Japan culture and it feels like the Japanese heart is here. Accessibility to other cities is another reason of the location. Also, as a start or finish point for our main trips Kyoto, is a very suitable place to open the office.
Why did you decide to use KRP BIZ NEXT?
KRP Co., Ltd. provides sufficient and unique support, especially the support are very attractive for companies from overseas who have not been familiar with Japan business or culture. Also, it was great to have assistance of organizations in the same area, such as Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, and JETRO Kyoto. We greatly appreciated their excellent support for helping set up the new office.
What was the impression you actually used?
I was impressed with KRP package services, such as compact offices with sufficient equipment, efficiently designed functional support etc. It makes start business easier, and improves work efficiency. Also, our visitors are happy to be in the calm and quiet space in the Biz Next lounge and it makes business meeting or discussion smooth. I feel comfortable there too.
What is the merit of KRP BIZ NEXT for PEAK DMC Japan?
It is great to have many choices based on the size of the business and number of staff. It is suitable for a company starting up. Also, it is easy to access business partners who help in all aspects of new business start up. PEAK DMC Japan was able to smoothly start business in Kyoto due to the support from public organizations and KRP staff. Great human relationships make great business. Thank you very much for your continuous supports of PEAK DMC Japan. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.


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