User Guide


  1. Provisional Bookings

    Provisional bookings may be made if you are uncertain about whether or not you will use our facilities.
    Provisional bookings will remain in place for two weeks.
    (May be shortened if planned dates are within one month's time or during peak periods)
    Your booking may be cancelled if we receive no contact within two weeks after the date of the provisional booking.
    Ask us about a quotation.

  2. Advance Arrangements

    Please discuss with us about conference room layouts, audio visual equipment, other arrangements, food/beverages, etc.

  3. Changes in Booking Information

    Please immediately notify your contact person at Kyoto Research Park of any changes to the information provided on your application form (dates, times of use, audio visual equipment, other arrangements, food/beverages, etc.).

  4. Cancellation

    If you decide to cancel, please contact us as soon as possible.
    Please see the Terms of Service for cancellation fees.

  5. On Event Days

    Rooms you have booked will be unlocked thirty minutes prior to your booking time. Please go directly to the rooms on the day of your booking. We may not be able to accept additional orders for use of audio visual equipment, other arrangements, food/beverages, etc. on that day. If you wish to extend your hours of use, please let us know as soon as possible. We may not be able to meet such request depending on room availability.

Terms of Service

The goal of Kyoto Research Park Corp. is to support companies pioneering in new fields, and contribute to the revitalization and development of the region's industries through providing a creative research and development environment and related services.
The following are the terms of service for use of the halls and meeting rooms under the company's management.


  1. Non-business Days

    December 29 to January 3, plus Sundays and National Holidays
    However, the Science Hall and the Buzz Hall can be reserved for Sundays and National Holidays.
    In this case, other meeting rooms can also be rented out, so please inquire for more information.
    Please note that the facilities may be closed for reasons such as repairs or maintenance.

  2. Available Time

    The venues are rented out in slots of time (all day [9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.], morning [9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon], afternoon [1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.], and evening [6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.]). Nighttime use is restricted to Science Hall, G Room, Atrium, Buzz Hall, Room 1, Room 2, and Banquet Hall B.
    Usage that exceeds the allotted slot is calculated in one-hour increments. Please complete preparation, rehearsal, and cleanup within the reserved time frame.

  3. Application Starting Dates
However, in the event of an academic conference or other events that require the use of multiple venues or run for several days, a special application is required, so please ask in advance.
Buzz Hall, Science Hall, Atrium, Banquet Hall2 years in advance
Room 1, Room 2, Room G, Innovation Room1 year in advance
Mid-size Meeting Rooms (Room A to C, Room 2 A/B, Innovation Room A/B)6 months in advance
Small Meeting Rooms (Room D to F, Room 3 to 6)3 months in advance
Banquet Hall A/B/C1 month in advance
  1. Making a Reservation

    (1) Inquire about meeting room availability. *Office hours: weekdays 9:00am to 5:40pm (if inquiring by phone)
    (2) We will send an application form and the terms of service. Confirm the terms of service, fill out the required fields on the form, and send it in. By sending in the form, you indicate that you have accepted the terms of service.
    (3) First-time users must submit an outline of the company/organization, and an outline of the meeting. (Individuals may not reserve the space.)
    (4) Please understand that an application may be refused based on reasons such as the stated intended use.

  2. Changes and Cancellations

    Please contact the office with any reservation cancellations as soon as possible.
    A cancellation fee will be charged in the event the reservation is cancelled within the following periods.
    Please understand that a change of venues will also incur a cancellation fee.
    (Please note: Any contact made on weekends or national holidays or outside the office hours will be counted from the next business day.)

Location Cancellation Day
A month before Two weeks before A week before Day before Day-of
Science Hall, Atrium, Buzz Hall,
Banquet Hall
30% 50% 100% 100% 100%
Room G, Innovation Room,
Room 1, Room 2,
Banquet Hall B
None 30% 50% 100% 100%
Room A to F, Room 2 A/B,
Room 3 to 6, Innovation Room A/B,
Banquet Hall A/C
None None 30% 50% 100%
Audio-Visual Equipment/Supplies None None 30% 50% 100%
Operator 30% 50% 100% 100% 100%
(*3 business days in advance)
None None 30% 50% 100%

Note: Cancellation fees for any outsourced items will be charged at actual cost.

  1. Transfer/Subletting of Right to Use

    Right to use may not be transferred or sublet to a third party without prior permission.

  2. Verification Regarding Connections with Anti-Social Forces

    The following items will be confirmed with applicants.

    1. Connections with Anti-Social Forces

      The applicant ensures that the following is true:

      1. Neither the applicant, nor the organization's executives, shareholders with a substantial influence over the company's management and business, employees in important positions, and advisers or other people in an equivalent position (capacity)   (hereafter "executives, etc.") are anti-social forces, and will not be such in the future.
      2. Neither the applicant nor the executives, etc. have connections to anti-social forces that are socially unacceptable, and do not plan to have such in the future.
      3. Neither the applicant nor the executives, etc., in performing work related to contracts with another party, have knowingly employed anti-social forces to perform all or part of the work, and will not do so in the future.
    2. Applicant's cooperation in investigations

      The applicant agrees to cooperate to a reasonable extent with any investigations conducted in order to confirm the items mentioned above in (1), and provide any requested documents, etc.

    3. Handling in the event that above (1) and (2) are violated.

      The applicant agrees that in the event that the above (1) or (2) is violated, all contracts with our company will be cancelled immediately without notification, and no claims for damages or any other claims may be made against our company regardless of the reason, on the grounds of cancellation of the contract.

  3. Restrictions of Use
    • The facility may not be used in the following cases.
      Cases where the applicant, users, or related people are members of organizations that are liable to collectively or habitually engage in violent illegal acts, or other anti-social forces.
    • Religious groups, political groups, or groups with similar activity goals.
    • Personal use.
    • When in contradiction with laws and/or public morals.
    • When in violation of the rules and regulations set by our company.
    • When it deviates from our company's stated purpose.
    • When our company has deemed the use inappropriate in terms of management or public morals.
    • When it may cause trouble or inconvenience to neighboring residents, tenants, or other users.
    • When attendees are at risk for being misled or confused, or when attendees' interests may be harmed.
    • Any other reason our company deems inappropriate.
  4. Cancellation or Suspension of Reservation

    In the event that the following items are deemed to apply, whether the reservation has already been made or even if the facility is in use, be advised that the reservation will be cancelled or use will be suspended.
    Our company accepts no responsibility for any damages incurred by the customer if the reservation is cancelled or use suspended for any of the following reasons.

    • If any items listed in "7. Verification Regarding Connections with Anti-Social Forces" are violated.
    • If any items listed in "8. Restrictions of Use" are found to apply.
    • If the stated intention of use or other application information is found to be false.
    • If the facility is deemed unusable due to natural disaster or other act of God.
    • If it is deemed a danger to public health.
    • If this contract is violated in any other way.

Usage Fees

  1. Usage Fees

    Please refer to the Meeting Room Fee Chart for information on fees for venues and related items such as equipment.

  2. Payment of Usage Fees

    [Domestic Use] An invoice will be sent after the meeting ends, so please pay by bank deposit.
    However, in some cases, prepayment may be required.
    [When coming from overseas] An initial deposit must be made at the time of reservation, and the full cost must be paid up to two weeks before the usage date.
    In the event of a cancellation, the fee minus the cancellation fee will be refunded.

Requests for Use

  1. Restrictions
    • Bringing in Equipment
      There is a fee for bringing in equipment (half the cost of our established fee). However, some equipment does not incur a fee, so  please inquire in advance.
    • Arranging for sound system, lighting, decorations, signage, etc.
      We will arrange with designated service providers. Please inquire in advance if you want to use a different service provider.
    • Outside food and drink
      Please do not bring in outside food and drink. Our company will supply them.
    • Please do not affix posters or information signs on the facility's walls, doors, and/or glass surfaces.
    • The following acts are forbidden.
      Bringing in dangerous items.
      Bringing in items with a strong, disagreeable odor.
      Handing out handbills or similar items or canvassing on the site.
      Doing anything against the law or public morals.
      Doing anything that causes a nuisance or inconvenience to neighboring residents, tenants, or other users.
      Loud shouting, cheering, or clapping that causes a nuisance to people in other rooms.
  2. Various Notifications

    Our company's consent is required by submitting a prior notification regarding any construction, use of fire, special operations, bringing in heavy items, or the like that will be required for your event.
    The user is required to submit any applications for permission, notifications, and the like to the related government agency in correspondence with applicable laws with regard to the use of the facility.

  3. Safety Management

    Bringing in of any dangerous items to the facility is strictly prohibited.
    Please take note of the locations of exits and fire extinguishers in advance to be prepared in the event of a disaster, accident, or other occurrence.
    Please employ guides if the event is expected to be crowded.
    Please take appropriate measures to prevent damage and theft of your equipment, display items, etc. (In the event of displays, etc. in an open space, we recommend hiring a night watchman.)
    Please understand that our company's staff may have to enter the halls and meeting rooms while they are in use as part of facility management.

  4. Other

    Setup and Teardown
    The customer is responsible for setting up and teardown any equipment or items, etc. brought in within the allotted time.
    There is a paid parking lot, but it can fill up, so attendees are requested to take public transportation.

Payment for Damages and/or Exemption from Liability

  1. Theft and Breakage
    • Our company is not responsible for any theft, breakage, etc. of items incurred during use unless our company is at serious fault.
    • Please advise our company's staff immediately if any building, facility, fixture, etc. is damaged or lost during use. In some cases, the user may be required to pay for the actual cost incurred.
  2. Exemption from Liability
    • In the event of any unavoidable event such as natural disasters, stoppage of public transportation, or public health risk where the use of the facility must be cancelled, etc., our company will not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred as a result.
    • In the event that meeting rooms or equipment and fixtures cannot be used as expected because of unforeseen circumstances or malfunction, repayment of the applicable fees will be the upper limit of compensation, and our company is not responsible for anything above that.


  • Please contact our company's staff with any questions about details not covered in this document.
  • Please understand fees and information contained in these terms of service may change without notice.

March 2015 (July 1, 2012 revised ver.)

For inquiries & contacts

  • Office address

    2nd floor, Building #1, 134 Chudoji Minami-machi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8813, Japan

  • Business hours

    Weekdays / Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 5:40 p.m. except Year-end/New Year holidays and facility maintenance dates.

  • Conference rooms in Building #1, East Area

    4th floor, Building #1, 134 Chudoji Minami-machi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8813, Japan

  • Conference rooms in Building #4, West Area

    2nd floor/B1 floor, Building #4, 93 Chudoji Awata-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8815, Japan