New Business Creation

KRP’s New Business Creation Support: What we do

Since its opening in 1989, KRP has worked together with local industries, academia, and government for regional growth. We have set up a platform where each players from industry, academia, and government come together to discuss and collaborate for new business creation under a specific technology and business field.
We are now tackling with 4 platform areas; Life Science , ICT, Creative Business, and Electronics & Energy System. Through the process of Gather, Network, and Creation, we aim to fully utilize the existing regional resources and strengths to find new collaboration possibilities leading to new innovation from the area.

Focus Areas

ICT & Design School

We aim to promote new industry and academia projects leading to new technology innovation and businesses in the area.

-Collaboration with Kyoto University Design School:

A newly opened Collaborative Graduate Program in Design with its base set up in KRP.


We aim to utilize the wisdom and skills of the local assets, such as traditional culture, crafts, films, etc., to find new business possibilities and new markets. We have set up workshops and development programs for young creators and craftspeople to tackle with new product development and business designing.


We aim to accelerate Green Innovation through identifying and supporting the local SMEs holding world leading technologies to become the Global Niche Top (GNT) Manufacturers in the field of Electronics and Energy.


We aim to support local manufacturing SMEs to develop new research tools and instruments to accelerate the Life Science research, especially in the area of Regenerative Medicine. Utilizing the Prototyping Manufacturers Network in the region, we coordinate Researchers’ needs and Manufacturers’ technologies to develop new innovative products.