About KRP

Introduction of KRP

Introduction of KRP

With support from the Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, and local industry, Kyoto Research Park (KRP) was born as the first private operated Research Park in Japan. Since its opening 1989, KRP has now grown to host over 520 tenant companies and institutions in the field of ICT, Biotech, Electronics, Machinery, and etc. It aims to be the base for new business creation and the base for collaboration between industry, academia and government in the Kyoto region.

KRP offers 2 types of services to its tenants and to the region. The first service is the Spatial Services. It is to provide safe, secure and pleasant environment for the tenants and visitors at KRP. The Second service is the Support Services. The Support Services consist from New Business Creation Activities and Business Support Activities. The 2 services do not stand alone. They are well combined to enhance new innovation from this area.

The role of KRP is to become the catalyst of regional development. Kyoto has strength in its regional resources. Looking at the industry, many global companies like Shimadzu Corporation, OMRON, HORIBA and KYOCERA have been developed in distinctive Kyoto environment. Many SMEs holding unique technologies are located in Kyoto. Looking at the academia, there are about 40 universities consisting 10% of the population in Kyoto. Many Nobel Prize winners have been produced from world leading research conducted at these universities. KRP coordinates the strength of the region to find new collaboration possibilities leading to new innovation from the area.

KRP’s aim is to become the innovation hub of the region. KRP believes that by gathering and networking the regional companies, researchers and ideas, new innovation will be created. Through this process, KRP aims to contribute to regional development.

Overview of KRP

Land Area 5.9 ha
(East Area :1.7ha,West Area :4.3ha)
Opening of the Park October 1989
Number of Tenants Approx. 520
Daytime Population Approx. 6,000
Operating Company Kyoto Research Park Corp.
Capital 100 million yen
Solely owned by Osaka Gas Urban Development Co., Ltd., a member of Osaka Gas Group
President Atsuko Kadowaki