1. Booking

How far in advance can the facilities be booked?
Buzz Hall, Science Hall, Atrium, Banquet Hall 2 years in advance
Room 1, Room 2, AV Meeting Room, Innovation Room 1 year in advance
Mid-size Meeting Rooms (Meeting Rooms A to C, Room 2 A/B, Innovation Room A/B) 6 months in advance
Small Meeting Rooms (Meeting Rooms D to F, Rooms 3 to 6) 3 months in advance
Banquet Hall A/B/C 1 month in advance
However, in the event of an academic conference or other events that require the use of multiple venues or run for several days, a special application is required, so please ask in advance.
Are there days when the facilities are closed?
December 29 to January 3, plus Sundays and National Holidays
However, the Science Hall and the Buzz Hall can be reserved for Sundays and National Holidays. In this case, other meeting rooms can also be rented out, so please inquire for more information.
Please note that the facilities may be closed for reasons such as repairs or maintenance.
Can the facilities be used early in the morning or late in the evening?
This depends on the desired time so please consult us first.
How early can a booked conference room be entered?
Conference rooms can be entered thirty minutes before the booked time slot.
Can the facilities be booked by individuals?
Unfortunately, we only accept bookings from organizations and corporations. First-time users are requested to send a brief description of their company (organization) or the details of their conference by fax. We reserve the right to decline applications depending on the intended purpose of use, etc.
Our conference details have yet to be fixed. Are provisional bookings accepted?
We accept provisional bookings. Please confirm your booking within two weeks after the date of the provisional booking.

2. Rules of Use

When is the payment deadline?
[Domestic Use] An invoice will be sent after the meeting ends, so please pay by bank deposit. However, in some cases, prepayment may be required.
[When coming from overseas] An initial deposit must be made at the time of reservation, and the full cost must be paid up to two weeks before the usage date.
In the event of a cancellation, the fee minus the cancellation fee will be refunded.
When do you charge cancellation fees?
Please click here for more details.
Can the facilities be used by the hour?
Facilities may be used in time slots (Full Day, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening). Even if you wish to use our facilities only between 2:00 p.m and 4:00 p.m. you will need to apply for the full Afternoon slot 1:00 p.m -5:00 p.m. Additional fees will be charged for any extra hours beyond these time slots.
Can we bring our own equipment?
You may bring your own projector for free, but other carry-in equipment will be charged at half the cost of renting our equipment. Rental PC is not available, so please bring your own.
Can we bring food and beverages?
We do not allow outside food and beverages, so please take advantage of our catering service.

3. Facility Equipment

Can you set up conference rooms?
We will rearrange rooms 60m2 or larger according to your specifications for free. You may change the layouts of rooms smaller than 60m2 by yourself, but they must be restored to their original conditions after use. We will levy a rearrangement charge if you wish us to change the layouts of such rooms.
Is Internet access available?
Internet access is available in all rooms (Wired and Wireless). Please see Equipment/Services for details.
Can mobile phones be used?
Mobile phones can be used in most of the rooms, but signal strength may be unstable in some rooms on B1 of Building #4.
Can incoming telephone calls be received while conferences are in session?
Incoming calls can be transferred to an extension number in your conference room.

4. Facility Services

Are there any restaurants in the facility?
There is a restaurant on the ground floor of Building #1. (Closed on weekends, national holidays, and days when the facility is closed; however, catering services may still be available if orders are placed in advance). There are also several restaurants in the vicinity.
Are parking spaces available?
Parking spaces are available for a fee (free for the first 20 minutes).
Daytime fee (08:00-20:00): 100JPY per 20 minutes
Nighttime fee (20:00-08:00): 100JPY per 60 minutes
Some parking lots have maximum daily fees [1,000JPY-1,800JPY] (00:00-24:00). Please note that this only applies to certain lots. Please inquire for details.
If the event organizer will pay for visitors' parking fees, we offer parking coupons at discount prices.
Parking spaces often fill up on weekdays. We recommend using public transportation.
Are accommodations available?
There are no accommodations within Kyoto Research Park. Please ask us about our partner hotels.
Are a cloakroom and coin-operated lockers available in the facility?
A cloakroom is available for use at Buzz Hall for a fee. Our staff members are not available to operate the cloakroom. You may either allocate your own people there or take advantage of our temp staff service. Coin-operated lockers can be found near Buzz Hall (B1, Building #4).
Can conference materials be sent to your facility beforehand via home delivery service?
You can have your own items to use in our halls and conference rooms delivered to the venue via home delivery service. We are able to keep them until the conference day. Please arrange for delivery time within our business hours.
You may send your items after the conference is finished to a Japanese address (COD only).
(Items will be dispatched on the following business day.)
Are wheelchair-accessible parking spaces and restrooms available?
Wheelchair-accessible spaces are available at all parking lots.
Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are available on Ground Floor of Building #1 and 2F and B1 of Building #4 (elevators are available in buildings with conference rooms [Buildings #1 and #4]).
Is an ATM available?
The ATM at Kyoto Research Park's 7-Eleven convenience store accepts international credit cards for cashing services (some cards may not be accepted).
Can foreign currency be exchanged?
Currency cannot be exchanged within Kyoto Research Park. Foreign currency may be exchanged at the Kyoto Central Post Office in front of JR Kyoto Station.
Is a post office available?
A post office is located within 10 minutes' walk of Kyoto Research Park.
May we include facilities' telephone number in event notices for participants?
Please use the dial-in number for the Convention Department (075-322-7888, or
+81(0)75-322-7888 if calling from overseas).
Any inquiries or calls should be made during our business hours.
Convention Dept.
Kyoto Research Park Corp.
Office address:
2nd floor, Building #1, 134 Chudoji Minamimachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8813, Japan

Business hours:
Weekdays / Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 5:40 p.m. except Year-end/New Year holidays and facility maintenance dates.

Conference rooms in Building #1, East Area:
4th floor, Building #1, 134 Chudoji Minamimachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8813, Japan

Conference rooms in Building #4, West Area:
2nd floor/B1 floor, Building #4, 93 Chudoji Awata-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8815, Japan
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