Introduction of Kyoto

As the ancient capital from 1200 years ago, the

Japanese see Kyoto as the cultural heart of the country. 

 The beautiful surroundings and the cultural heritage

attract people from all over the world.   Visitors are

entranced by the charms of the city and the vibrant

sites and sounds of traditional Japan.


Kyoto is a sophisticated blend of the ancient and the modern, an urban

environment where museums, four star restaurants and active entertainment

venues flourish alongside temples, small shops and quiet neighborhoods.


Less crowded than other cities in Asia, and having a lower cost of living than Tokyo, Kyoto assures an ideal living and creative environment.


This center of innovation has a reputation for fostering leading research and the development of high technology firms. Kyoto has the highest percentage of academics per capita in Japan with over 40 universities and 50 research organizations. Most of Japan's Nobel Prizes have been awarded to researchers from Kyoto University.


With a proud cultural heritage and modern goals for the future, Kyoto is absolutely unique in Japan.

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